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Streaming FAQ

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Streaming FAQ

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What is (video) streaming?
Streaming or video streaming is a way of transmitting or receiving data or video over a computer network, typically the world wide web. It is also known as internet TV, which means you can watch your favorite shows ‘streamed’ to any device, if you have a secure Wyandotte internet connection.

What is the difference between streaming and cable TV?
When it comes to cable TV vs. streaming, streaming services are diverse and undeniably more flexible as you can stream your favorite video programs to any internet connected device such as a smart television, smart phone, laptop, I-pad and through any devices capable of streaming like Firestick, Chromecast, etc.

How does streaming work?
Streaming is an app-based service, that will require an account or subscription just like your cable account that you have now.  Once you are connected to your secure Wyandotte network you simply just launch the app, (turn on the TV, so to speak) and you are ready to start watching all the stations you know and love on any device in the comfort of your home.

How to stream TV?
Here is how you stream effortlessly.

  1. Insure you have the correct internet speed for your needs. (Minimum 100Mbps is required)
  2. Choose a streaming device. See the compatible device list below.
  3. Once we launch our NEW ‘DotteTV’ service, call us to set up your service. We will provide you a login and password to be able to access the new DotteTV APP.
  4. Log in, get comfortable and enjoy the new streaming service, ‘DotteTV’ powered by Wyandotte ConneX!

Compatible Devices!

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart phone
  • Chromecast

How will this new service effect my old service?
At Wyandotte ConneX we are always looking to create a better viewing experience for our customers using the latest technology. With our new DotteTV service we are doing just that! This will allow a more versatile watching experience. You will still have all of your favorite networks and be able to watch on the televisions you currently have (using a connected device like Firestick), as well as watch on any other type of device, and all that will be offered at an affordable price.   You won’t need the old cable box or DVR as everything is delivered in high quality High-Definition format and if you want to record any shows, you use our ‘cloud DVR’ which is just storing your shows on our servers instead of the cable box in your home.  The streaming future is now!

What now?
All that’s left to do now is get excited! We are headed into the direction of the future, and can’t wait to bring you with us. More information will be coming as we move along with this new service offering. To stay up to date on when this NEW service will be available, check our website, and follow us on social media.

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