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Streaming Q & A

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Streaming TV is coming soon to Wyandotte:

Delivering a better viewing experience, from today’s best technology.
Wyandotte ConneX is building its 3rd-generation cable system, bringing fiber optic cables directly into your home to provide faster internet service plus streaming TV and video entertainment!
A new streaming television service called DotteTV has begun to roll out to subscribers all over the city. Wyandotte ConneX subscribers can now:
• Benefit from advanced streaming technology for greater speed, reliability & flexibility
• Watch programs on your smartphones and computers as well as your TVs
• View your current Wyandotte ConneX TV package much as you do now
• Enjoy a seamless, worry-free transition to our new streaming service
Of course, any change prompts questions. We’ll address the most common ones here.
Who will the upgrade affect?
The switch to DotteTV streaming will affect all customers who have television services through Wyandotte ConneX.
For those that already subscribe to internet services from Wyandotte ConneX, you will want to check out our streaming service package options!
Cable TV vs. Streaming: What’s the difference?
For years, your television service has been brought to you via a coaxial cable in a traditional cable delivery format. After the transition, your television service will be brought to you via a fiber optic cable in an IP (internet protocol) streamed format.
Today’s forward-thinking service providers—Wyandotte ConneX among them—are switching to fiber optic cables. Made of thin strands of glass, they transmit information via pulses of light instead of electrical RF (radio frequency) signals.
Television viewers and internet users can enjoy more data at greater speeds with fiber optic cables—hence the term “streaming.”
Do I “have” to make the change to the fiber optic connection (and required internet service)?
The answer is Yes. We did explore the possibility of retaining the traditional television service (coxial cable), but it was determined it was not financially or technically feasible to be able to offer both. Just as it has since the beginning, television technology is marching on—from black-and-white sets with rabbit ears to analog VCR, DVD, digital, high definition and now streaming HD. Every service provider will eventually upgrade to streaming video services just as we now are.
How will I connect with the new streaming service?
We’ll replace the old coaxial cable connection to your home with a fiber optic cable. It will link to a new fiber optic modem and router that provides a high-speed internet connection. (Steaming is often called “internet TV.”)
If you don’t yet have an internet subscription with Wyandotte ConneX, we’ll help you establish one. We recommend a 100 Mbps internet speed (or faster) for streaming and we can assist you with your choice at the time of sign-up.
Once setup is complete, you can then sign in to your DotteTV account on your smartphone, computer or other streaming-capable devices. These include Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast and more.
If your television is not streaming ready, or if you don’t have a streaming device that’s compatible with it, you can obtain a streaming device from us.
There’s a big plus with streaming for Wyandotte ConneX TV subscribers who are also internet subscribers: Unlimited data with no cap!
Can I purchase my own fiber optic modem?
No. Retailers are not yet offering for sale fiber optic modems that are compatible with DotteTV. When these devices become available for retail sale, we will publish this information.
Will I still be able to watch my current cable TV package?
Yes. We expect to continue all of our current Wyandotte ConneX TV packages. We also anticipate adding additional TV packages for greater variety and/or value!
Does DotteTV have a “channel guide?”
Yes. DotteTV comes with a channel guide to help guide you to your favorite shows.
Will you still offer local channels?
Yes. All local channels currently will be available on DotteTV. These include the Public Access, Educational and Government channels.
Will watchTVeverywhere and TiVo still be available?
watchTVeverywhere will continue to be available with DotteTV. The TiVo platform will be discontinued.
Can I continue to record my favorite shows?
Yes. All shows and movies available on DotteTV can be easily recorded for viewing later.
Will “on-demand” TV remain available?
Yes. On-demand services will still be offered to anyone with DotteTV.
Can I continue to access premium channels?
Subscribe to as many as you like! Wyandotte ConneX’s current selection of premium channels will be available on DotteTV.
What’s the timeline?
Our new streaming service begin to roll out neighborhood-by-neighborhood in 2022. We’ll keep you fully informed with letters or notices on this website.
Of course, when it comes time to make the transition to new DotteTV, we’ll support you every step of the way!
Bottom line: Will prices change?
For those with cable equipment (cable boxes), you may see an overall price decrease as the current cable box charges will no longer apply. For those that have no cable equipment charges, you will likely see a cost increase.
When the transition is made you will have the opportunity to explore what video entertainment solution works best for you and your budget. We’ll provide information to assist you with your decision.
Wyandotte ConneX is your hometown provider of telecommunication services. City-owned and operated, we’re dedicated to delivering value to our television and internet subscribers!
We look forward to continuing to be your hometown services provider.
Your Team at Wyandotte ConneX

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