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Video On Demand

What do I need to do to get Wyandotte VOD?

How do I use VOD?

Does VOD cost any money to use?

How many Times can I watch a pay movie/event I ordered on VOD?

How will I be billed for movies I choose to pay for?

Does parental control work on VOD?

If I order a movie can I watch it on any of my other TVs in the house?

Why don't you have [insert channel or program here] on Wyandotte VOD?

How do I go back one screen in the VOD menu?

How do I get out of a VOD program and back to regular TV?

Can I record programs I order on VOD to the hard drive of my DVR?

Can I use Wyandotte VOD on my TIVO?

I tried to order a VOD program and I got an error code…what does it mean?

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