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Solar Energy

Press Release-Solar 2023

The Following forms must be signed and submitted to WMS prior to  solar installation:

Solar Net Metering Customer Procedures
Net Metering
Expedited Generator Interconnection Agreement
MIREC signed owner designation

All Solar Inquiries can be sent to
Net Metering Program and REC ownership
Net metering is a service to an electric consumer under which electric energy generated by that consumer from an eligible on-site generating facility and delivered to the local distribution facility (WMS)  may be used to offset electric energy provided by the electric utility to the consumer during the applicable billing period. A Net Metering credit in the amount of $.05/kWh is given to the consumer based on total electric generation in return for the utility owning the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (REC) generated.

Net Metering helps promote renewable resource development by providing customers who generate some or all of their electricity using renewable resources credits and offsets.
WMS will check a customer's annual electric consumption and the solar system installed must be smaller than their annual load.  WMS will not buy back electricity from installed over capacity.

Current Solar Installations

  • Water Plant Overview - The EECGB grant program had provisions for developing a large scale photovoltaic solar system that could produce approximately 212 kW on a municipal facility.  The facility it was installed on is the potable water filtration plant that has a 19,048 ft² flat reinforced concrete roof structure and the adjacent unused tennis courts on the power plant’s property.   It has been in operation since 2011.
  • Wilson Middle School Overview – WMS worked in partnership with Wyandotte Public Schools in order to deploy a 10 kW PV thin film amorphous silicon system at the school.  It has been in operation since 2007.
  • Bacon Memorial District Library – 3kW system installed and operating since 2012.
  • All Community Installed Solar – Residential and Commercial installations.  Installed in 2012 to current.  Total capacity is approximately .25 Megawatts.
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