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About Community Programming

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About Community Programming

The mission of Wyandotte Connex Community Programming is to produce and deliver television programs containing relevant information and interesting subjects to city residents. Channel 15, our Public Access Channel, and Channel 16, the City Government Channel, are managed by Wyandotte Connex staff and much of the programming is created with the assistance of our dedicated volunteers. We also offer free training for Wyandotte residents so that they can create their own television programs and/or participate in the coverage of city meetings and other events.
Public Access Channel
Our Public Access channel exists to cablecast the programming efforts of people in the community and our production studio is there to support such efforts. Any Wyandotte resident who has successfully completed our free studio training is eligible to produce television programming for and about the people and organizations in our community.

Program Guide Public Access Schedule 15
Government Channel
The City Government Channel exists to cablecast live and pre-recorded Wyandotte city meetings and for displaying information of interest and importance to city residents. This channel is managed for the city by Wyandotte Connex staff and it is there for the benefit of the citizens of Wyandotte. Often, the actual production of city meetings is preformed by our dedicated volunteers.
Program Guide Government Access Schedule 16

The Wyandotte Connex Studio is available for Wyandotte residents to produce Public Access programs that will air on Channel 15. We offer free training in television production and with the successful completion of this training, residents are eligible to produce their own programs and to work as crew members on shows produced by others. These volunteers can also work with Wyandotte Connex Staff as crew members on our productions of parades, high school sports and many other local events.
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Studio Guidelines
The only significant limitation to what can be produced in our studio and what can appear on our Public Access channel is that it be not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature.

Volunteer Opportunities
Our dedicated volunteers make Wyandotte Connex Community Programming possible and perform a valuable public service by working on the production of city meetings and other local events. Any resident of Wyandotte can take our free video workshop and become a certified volunteer. After the completion of this brief and fun training, volunteers can produce their own Public Access Programs in our studio that will air on Wyandotte Connex Channel 15. Volunteers can also work with Connex Staff on productions of various city events using our mobile production truck. For more information on volunteering call 734.324.7136.

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