Modem Swap Project Customer FAQ

Why do I have to get a new modem?
The number one reason is that your current modem has only one tuner in it, which limits the amount of bandwidth (and therefore the speed you can download and upload content) that you can use at a time. Our newer model modems can tune between 8 and 24 channels, making them capable of much faster speeds. We have recently made changes to our system to allow for more bandwidth so these newer models will reduce congestion on the network for everyone, in addition to operating much faster for each individual user. There are also other enhancements to security and future services which the newer models will support, while the old modem will not.
What if I don’t get this new modem?
Currently your old modem will still work, but our packages are all increasing in speed, and you may not be receiving all the speed you are paying for using an older model. At some point in the future, support for older models will end and they may stop working all together.
What should I do with the old modem?
Bring it to our Customer Assistance office at 3200 Biddle Ave, along with the power supply or power cord and network cable it came with, when you come to pick up your new modem. If you choose to have a technician come to your home, he will pick up the old modem when he upgrades to your new modem. Again, there is no charge to swap modems.
Can I hook up the new one and then bring the old one in at a later time?
Unfortunately no. Please bring the old one in first to help us avoid confusion, and make sure our customer account records stay up to date.
I’m not sure I can hook it up myself, can I get help?
Tech support is available to you toll free, at all times, 888 855 9997. If you would like us to send a technician to your home to install the new modem and pick up the old one, we can make an appointment to do that as well. Please call 734-324-7190 to schedule your appointment. The appointment will be free of charge.
I have phone service with you as well, does that matter?
We strongly recommend making an appointment to have a technician install your new modem if you have phone service with us. If you bring your modem down to exchange, your home will not have phone during that time (NOTE- Digital Phone customers are not being sent letters asking them to exchange modems themselves, neither are wireless customers. We prefer those customers to have a technician install the new equipment).
When I come down can I upgrade my package?
Yes, see a customer service rep for details. You may also get one of our wireless modems for an additional $5 per month if you would like.
Modems below need to be exchanged:
DOCSIS 1.1/2.0 modems:  Motorola models 3100-51xx and 9xx, Scientific Atlanta Dpc2203, RCA, Hitron, ARRIS models 6xx.
Modems below do NOT need to be exchanged:
DOCSIS 3 modems: Motorola models 6000+, ARRIS 8xx, ARRIS 760, 6700, 2470, and 2472. Any other customer owned modems which are DOCSIS 3 and currently in service.

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