December 30

Wyandotte Cable will rebrand to Wyandotte ConneX

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Wyandotte Cable will rebrand to Wyandotte ConneX

You’ll notice our logo and name have been slightly modified and emphasizes our new focus; being your connectivity service provider.

With the changing ways on how we are all watching our favorite shows and streaming entertainment, Wyandotte Cable will be changing its name to better identify with the services we provide you, our customers.  Our new name will be Wyandotte ConneX.

The investments we’ve made in our infrastructure over the last few years, allow us to deliver the fastest, most up-to-date system to support all your communications and internet connectivity needs. Whether you are streaming your favorite show or accessing information on the internet or calling a friend or business; we are here for you.  We are your hometown provider of telecommunications, internet connectivity and streaming services.

Breaking News! We’re also excited for 2022 as we will be bringing our Fiber to the Home (FTTH) system online and we’ll also be launching our video streaming services.  Look for information in the next few months to see when these services will be available for your location.

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