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Tips for Preventing Digital Phone Fraud

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Tips for Preventing Digital Phone Fraud

Tips for Preventing Digital Phone Fraud

The threat of phone fraud is an ever-present issue, that is more prevalent during weekends, and holidays.  With Independence day next week we wanted to remind everyone that there are things you can do to help avoid fraudulent activity.
Phone fraud can be caused by a multitude of issues including hardware security and passcode vulnerability. Wyandotte Connex has deployed multiple fraud detection & prevention systems to help minimize phone fraud, however we need our customers help to minimize phone fraud risk.

We recommend you take the following steps:

  • Ensure you are adhering to the following passcode guidelines for voicemail & subscriber portal passcode settings
    • No repeated digits, (i.e. 1122, 2222)
    • No sequential digits, (i.e. 1234, 5678)
    • Do not use your extension or phone number
    • Do not use reverse extension or phone number
    • Do not repeat or reverse previously used passcodes
    • Do not utilize anything that is a commonly known password (i.e. password, your birth date, 1234567)

Below you will find a few additional fraud prevention tips:

  • Disable Call Forwarding if you do not actively use this feature.  No action necessary if you use this feature
  • Frequently change passwords for accessing voicemail
  • Frequently change passwords to the subscriber portal
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