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Pic-WaterTower Wyandotte Municipal Services’ water department provides potable water to residents and business located in Wyandotte.
A Water Department is seen by most customers as a collection of vehicles blocking their street, a crew of people destroying their lawn or a piece of sidewalk or as a faceless person on the other side of the phone.
The parts that almost no one sees are the operators and the maintenance staff in the filter plant. They are the first people who see and work on your water. They run tests, maintain proper flows and monitor the
water quality.
Our Customer Assistance center works with people over the phone to answer questions and resolve issues for all municipal departments. After hours, our filter plant operators answer these customer assistance requests. While most of the phone calls end positively, some do not. During an outage (Power, Water or Cable) sometimes the only answer that can honestly be given is that the problem is being worked on.
Our crews maintain the water distribution system throughout the city. As a customer, you most often see them working in the street repairing a water main and blocking off a street to protect our workers, to protect the public and to keep them from falling into an open trench.  In 2012 there were 45 main breaks, in 2013 there were 26 main breaks and so far in 2014 we have already experienced 65 main breaks due to the unseasonably cold winter.
Damage to the streets was temporarily repaired immediately and then fully repaired when concrete was able to be poured. We also have to work on people’s lawns and sidewalks at times in order to reach some of our mains, fire hydrants and service connections. Restorations are completed as topsoil is available, grass seed can be spread and concrete can be laid properly.

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